WISE-FTP: The solid FTP client for professionals!

You can use WISE-FTP to up- or download files from and to an FTP server. Fast and conveniently.

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WISE-FTP: The solid FTP
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Secure file transfer
  • Simultaneous transfer
  • Integrated HTML editor
  • Quick File View
  • Task Planner

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  • Connect to any FTP Server
    Connect to any FTP Server

    Thanks to WISE-FTP you are able to connect to any FTP server. WISE-FTP supports all protocols, for example FTP, SFTP, FTPS or FTPES.

    Besides being able to reach any FTP server with WISE-FTP, you are able to manage an unlimited number of directories of FTP servers. These will save you time and you can always keep track of possible connection locations.

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    Highest Levels of Securty for Your Data

    Secure authentication and file transfer are held at the maximum security level - through the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SETP) or the FTPS protocol.

    In addition, you can protect your data against unauthorized access and vermins by using Rijndael 128, 192, and 256 bits, BlowFish and TripleDES to encrypt them. Furtheremore, the compression of files before or after a transfer will ensure greater safety and speed.

  • Highest Levels of Securty for Your Data
    Highest Levels of Securty for Your Data

    Manage your FTP servers with useful features, including deleting, renaming, copying, or setting the properties of files and directories, and much more.

    With the integrated HTML editor you can make changes to HTML or text files directly on the FTP server, with the file viewer in quick view you can keep an overview of your data, and by generating favorites you are able to systematically organize your server.

  • Practical Task Planner
    Practical Task Planner

    Never forget to upload and download files to FTP servers: The Task Planner of WISE-FTP allows automated file transfers following your specified schedules.

    You decide when and how often a task should be fulfilled. To do so, you select a saved profile from WISE-FTP or you enter a new FTP server.

  • Time-Saving Features
    Time-Saving Features

    To save you valuable time, WISE-FTP offers many features, including simultaneous transmission, web-optimized uploads, a macro recorder or saved transfer tasks.

    WISE-FTP transfers your files simultaneously to one or more FTP servers in the background. You can also store and reproduce any actions, assign program actions, custom keyboard shortcuts, and download and upload files with mask.

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    Time-Saving Features

    Synchronize files and directories – including their sub-directories – between your local system and FTP servers automatically. That way, you will always have the latest changes online.

    Without the need to seek out and copy individual files manually, the synchronization of folders has became very simple. You can also change the directory on your computer and on the FTP server at the same time, if the folder structures are identical.

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