Using a Password Manager for storing credentials

You can store the passwords of your FTP servers in WISE-FTP. However, the problem is that anyone who has access to your computer can easily read and steal these credentials. In addition, the passwords to your logins are stored in simple text files and are not encrypted

The damage that can result from the misuse of your server access data certainly does not have to be further colored.

It is therefore highly recommended that you do not store your access data in WISE-FTP, but use a specialized tool, a password manager. When selecting the password manager, we recommend selecting a tool that keeps the data encrypted both on the hard disk and in the working memory and helps you to automatically insert the access data into WISE-FTP. We recommend our password manager (Password Depot).

Password Depot can be used as freeware if you do not have more than 20 passwords to manage. You can also use Password Depot in a team with several people. You can use shared databases with your team members, so you don't have to email other team members about password changes, etc. For team sharing you need the additional module, the Enterprise Server. This is also free if up to three users use it.

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