FAQ: Entry #15

-Unable to uninstall WISE-FTP

When trying to deinstall WISE-FTP the following error message appears "You have newer version of the application. Setup will exit."

This problem occurs in the installation program of version or earlier, whenever you have a newer version installed on your pc than the version included in the installation program. Another reason might be that after installation you have updated your software to a newer version using the Update Manager.

How to solve this problem:

If you wish to uninstall the application, open the Windows Explorer and delete the file wise_ftp.exe in the folder c:\program files\acebit\wise-ftp. Now you can restart the installation program to deinstall WISE-FTP.

If you wish to change or update the application via the installation program, download the newest version. In the new installation program this error is fixed. When running the new installation program the old and faulty one is overwritten automatically.